Little Red Riding Hood by Don Macrae


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Little Red Riding Hood by Don Macrae

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The Script includes the music score. The Music Bundle contains recorded versions of all 15 of the play’s songs.


Here is the enchanting story of the little girl in red. But this time, our perspective is a little different. It seems Grandma's sick again. So, what else is new? Just about everything, in this wonderful tale of a girl with a limited wardrobe, a wolf with an attitude, a hypochondriac octogenarian grandmother, a Scottish wood chopper, and of course, three little pigs. Three little pigs? Definitely not Grimm! Join the world's most famous granddaughter as she sets out with enough Tim-bits to cheer up any granny. And that's when all the excitement begins. This fun-filled musical, featuring lots of audience participation, will thrill the whole family with songs and surprises, laughter and adventure.

Keywords: family, children, musical, wolf, laughter, adventure, audience participation, sing-alongs

Produced by Elgin Theatre Guild, St. Thomas ON, 1992, and by Royal City Musical Productions, Guelph ON, 2005

Cover art: Don Macrae

Genre: Family musical
Acts: 2
Run time: 110 minutes

Cast size: 11 actors
Male roles: 5
Female roles: 6
Casting note: A Chorus can be added to the cast. The number of actors and the gender of the actors is completely up to the director and the production team.

"Although billed as a children’s musical, the latest performance to take the stage of the Princess Avenue Playhouse has just as much to offer adults. … What the author of the play, Don Macrae, has done to breathe new life into the traditional fairy tale is to take things to the extreme."
- James Barry

"This offering … has all the good things community theatre offers. The sideways humour will appeal to adults, kids will love the chance to howl, shout at the performers, and give directions to Grandma and poor little Red while the wolf chases them all over the playhouse."
- Susan McConnell, Our Community Press