Like Tom Cruise Loves Running by Mike Czuba


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Like Tom Cruise Loves Running by Mike Czuba

An immediate, physical, Meta-Theatrical (occasionally digital), one-act play, with 3 people, 3 chairs, much running and a struggle to answer the question: “How do you love?”

Three people, actors, characters meet in a space that looks similar to a theatre stage. They immediately try to show/prove how much they love. Grand statements are made, running on the spot, arguing, debates, agreements and declarations power this play from start to stop with a rhythm and pace that will leave everyone out of breath.

**If running is not possible, the “running on the spot” can be replaced with any physical activity/gesture depending on ability of the actor.

Keywords: One Act, Fringe, Meta, Minimal, Digital, 3 hander, Absurd, Love, Funny, Festival, Commentary

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 30 minutes
Content note: Contains some strong language
Suitable for students 16+

Cast size: 3 actors
Casting note: All Characters are described as gender/age neutral (They/Them). Although they might lean traditionally one way or another, directors can do what they wish.

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