Left Behind by Trina Brooks


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Left Behind by Trina Brooks

Charley Fox was a Canadian WW2 Spitfire Pilot, highly decorated, but now he's tasked with helping his fellow soldiers find their way when they have become lost. It's a job he's proud of until Private Kevin Woolfe, a young vet from the War in Afghanistan arrives, confused, angry and tormented by his time overseas. None of Charley's usual methods seem to get through this troubled young man. Only when Charley opens up and shares his own exploits and trauma's does Kevin let Charley into his world, of fear, anger and regret. By glimpsing into each other's war these two soldiers are able to help the other come to terms with the damage inflicted on them from the battles they fought. A truly Canadian take on the price we ask our soldiers to pay when we send them off to war.

Produced at the London Fringe Festival, London ON, 2019

Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, Wolseley Barracks, London ON, Nov. 2018


Keywords: War, World War II, Afghanistan, PTSD, Soldiers, Remembrance Day
Genre: Drama
Run time: 70 minutes
Acts: 2
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 2
Doubled roles: 2
Maximum # of roles: 8
Minimum # of roles: 4
Suitable for students aged 16+
"...it is not a stretch to say that this show moved people to tears. Through flashbacks to war and the lives of soldiers at home, there is no shortage of moments to make you question your own morality."
- Eric Trudell, Theatre in London