Lady Sunrise by Marjorie Chan

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Lady Sunrise by Marjorie Chan

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From the glittering high-rise condos to the desperate streets of Vancouver, powerful stories told by women reveal the fraying social fabric among the wealthy and hangers-on in the city’s Asian Canadian community.

Lady Sunrise introduces us to six women who are risking everything, all motivated by the need for more money and the freedom it could buy, whether it’s the allure of expensive items and real estate to substitute what’s been lost or the safety of not being in abusive debt to anyone else just to survive. This heartbreaking examination of the effects of today’s hyper-consumerist society will challenge perspectives of strength and power, exposing painfully raw consequences.

Foreword by Nina Lee Aquino.

Run time: 105 minutes

Cast size: 6 actors
Female roles: 6

“Seeing stories of strong and complex Asian-Canadian women on stage (or any other ethnic group, for that matter) is way overdue. What really stands out for me about Lady Sunrise is seeing all these women working together in telling these stories. They are finally able to control the narrative and bring these stories to life.”
- Heidy M., Hye’s Musings

“Its reluctance to sugarcoat harsh realities will leave audiences stinging from the engrossing narratives.”
- Samantha Edwards, NOW Magazine

“It was beautiful and tragic and left me breathless.”
- Isabella O’Brien, Mooney on Theatre