Lady in the Red Dress by David Yee

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Image Lady in the Red Dress

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Max, a lawyer for the Canadian Department of Justice, is losing his mind. In one nightmarish week he has been shot, punched, stabbed, had a heart attack, and is having conversations with dead men. A series of events all set in motion by Sylvia, an elusive figure who enters his life and charges Max with an impossible task. Dragged by his hair into the history of the Chinese Canadian struggle for redress and into the lives of those involved, Max discovers that not only is his life in danger, but also his son's. A modern-day noir, lady in the red dress is a darkly comic story about the skeletons in our closets and the consequences of our inactions told by one of Canada's most unorthodox young playwrights.
Year Printed: 2010
First Produced: 2009 at Young Centre for the Performing Arts in association with fu0GEN Theatre Company, Toronto, ON
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 11
Female Cast: 2