King Arthur's Kitchen by Leslie Mildiner


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King Arthur's Kitchen by Leslie Mildiner

KING ARTHUR’S KITCHEN is all about heroism, great feats of daring, damsels in distress and good food.

King Arthur is celebrating his birthday with his Knights of the Round Table. The great King’s hard-working Cook, Kitchen Maid and the new-to-the the-job Scullion (Cook’s assistant) are beside themselves with excitement, preparing the banquet and Royal Birthday Cake.
Amidst all the hustle bustle of Camelot’s basement kitchen (and considerable ineptness by the young scullion, Roderick), Cook regales his bedraggled staff with stories of how Arthur became king. Using kitchen utensils to represent important objects and symbols from young Arthur’s legendary feats, the trio is magically transported into the tales and the adventures begin!

Keywords: Children's Musical Theatre, Family comedy, King Arthur, Arthurian Legends, Leslie Mildiner, Composer Bob Buckley, Jessie Theatre Awards, Gordon Robert, educational theatres

First Produced:  Axis Theatre, Vancouver BC, 2008
Music composed by Bob Buckley

Genre: Children's Musical Comedy
Running Time: 55 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 5
Female Cast: 3

Double roles: 4

"If Upstairs, Downstairs met Excalibur and poured them all into a story blender, the result might well be King Arthurs’ Kitchen, Leslie Mildiner’s engaging comic retelling of the legend of King Arthur..."

- Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

“King Arthur’s Kitchen is an excellently crafted piece that packs historical information, comedy and music into one hour. Who knew that learning could be so fun? The comedy appealed to all ages and the laughter in the house was infectious.”
- Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver