Just Around the Corner by Nelles Van Loon


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PGC stage-ready script

It's 1932, three years into the Great Depression. There are unemployed young men on the street corners of every city in the country. Prime Minister RB Bennett is fearful they'll be easy prey for communist agitators and puts in place a system of relief camps. But the camps are underfunded and badly run and in the winter of 1935, 1500 men make their way to Vancouver to draw attention to their cause.
Government is unresponsive and the men are about to give up when someone gets the idea the men should ride the trains to Ottawa, marking the beginning of The-On-to-Ottawa trek. RB Bennett's misreading of the situation leads to Regina Riot.
Intertwined with these events is the story of Joe Esposito and Fran Warner, a young couple in love.
Year Printed: 2013
First Produced: N/A
Running TIme: 90 min
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 10
Female Cast: 8
Suitable for school performances, age 16+