JOB's BLUES: A Blues Opera by Ross Muir


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(Act 1) Job, a successful solo blues guitarist and singer, comes to the High 'n' Mighty Club to perform with back-up from the club's house band. Unseen by anyone in the club are God and Satan, who enter into a cosmic bet for Job's soul. The club's three waitresses bring Job news of calamities involving his house, his record business and his sons, inflicted by Satan. But, to God's delight, Job does not lose faith. Then Satan inflicts disease on Job himself, but his faith remains strong although Job's wife encourages him to curse God and end his life. Again Job refuses, but begins to despair.
(Act 2) In three musical conversations, members of the house band try in different ways to convince Job he must have sinned to be in the state he's in, but Job refuses to admit any wrongdoing on his part. Finally, God shows himself to Job and vindicates him. God then turns his anger on the house band members for misrepresenting God. In the end, God restores Job's family and fortune.

Keywords: musical, blues, biblical drama

Year Printed: 2013
Written With: Music by Chris Michie and Andy Kulberg
Running TIme: 90 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 7
Female Cast: 4
Other Cast: 5