Jessica's Fine Adventure by Robert More


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Jessica's Fine Adventure by Robert More

A Comedy about One Woman’s Journey
To Discover How To Live With Joy

Meet Jessica Quartermaine - 69 years old, widowed for 19 years, the survivor of a 31 year marriage of -- as she puts it -- "relentless predictability" and "sensual deprivation". Feeling more and more that life is passing her by, Jessica comes up with a plan to experience -- in her words-- "the euphoria of sweet intimacy". To pursue this quest, she finds the courage to step out into the world by posting a newspaper ad that reads: “Mature, Well-Meaning Woman with Refined Sensibility declares it is her intention to seek Suitors Suitable for Amorous Possibilities. Only applications with a sense of courtesy, graciousness and a secure knowledge of grammar will be accepted. Fine penmanship a plus.”With laugh out loud scenes and touching moments, Jessica does meet three Suitable Suitors: an experienced, very confident 65 year old Italian fashion model, a completely inexperienced, very insecure 43 year old librarian, and 73 year old Scots who has a very enthusiastic, larger than life personality.What follows is a heart warming and hilarious journey of self-discovery, as Jessica in her quest for romance, finds unexpected new meaning to her adventure, and learns how to experience the sheer joy of being gloriously alive.Jessica’s Fine Adventure - It’s never too late to find the fullest version of yourself!”

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 120 minutes

Cast size: 5 actors
Male roles: 4
Female roles: 1