Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice by Janet Munsil


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Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice by Janet Munsil

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Mr. and Mrs. Bennett and their five daughters live in the country, where opportunities to meet potential suitors are limited. When two very wealthy young bachelors arrive in the neighbourhood, Mrs. Bennett expects that they will naturally wish to marry two of her girls, saving the family from certain financial ruin. As fortune would have it, the charming Mr. Bingley is instantly smitten with Jane Bennett, the eldest; while his rich, dashing, but snobbish friend Mr. Darcy only gradually warms to the bitingly witty charms of her sister Lizzie, who openly mocks and rejects him. Circumstance, family dynamics, and misunderstandings complicate Lizzie's life but through her trials she ultimately recognizes her own prejudices towards, and growing affection for, the mysterious Mr. Darcy.

First Produced: Theatre Calgary and National Arts Centre (Ottawa, ON) 2012
Run Time: 145 minutes
Acts: 2

Cast size: 19 characters, doubling optional