Jack Sheppard's Back by Shirley Barrie


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A musical adventure with escapology and sword play, adapted from Harrison Ainsworth's novel, Jack Sheppard, and historical records. A young carpenter's apprentice turned thief in 18th century London, Jack becomes a popular hero because of the way he constantly outwits the corrupt thief taker, Jonathan Wild, and escapes from every jail he is put into including Tyburn. Becoming a symbol of the desire of the people to escape oppression, Jack even cheats the hangman's noose.

First Produced: 1982 by Tricycle Theatre, London, England.
Running Time: 135 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 6
Female Cast: 3
Public Comments:
May be performed with up to 17 actors.

Keywords: drama with music, 1715 & 1724, adventure, escape, escapology, swordplay, anti-hero, fighting injustice, political intrigue, Jacobeans, chance vs. fate

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