Jaan by Chelsey Fawcett


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Jaan by Chelsey Fawcett

A desperate scientist starved for success and drowning in criticism, discovers what might be the biggest evolutionary breakthrough of human history. A living mermaid found in Canada's Lake Minnewanka. Or perhaps ... it’s all a sadistic hoax for success driven by the obsession to have a lover that is perfect in every way, shape, and form.

Produced by Scorpio Theatre, October 2017

Keywords: Folklore, historical fiction, mermaids, fantasy, horror, thriller, gender neutral, Alberta, feminism, drama

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Historical Fiction, Drama, Adaptation
Acts: 1
Run time: 70 minutes

Cast size: 7 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 1
Gender Neutral roles: 5
Casting note: The only gender that must remain female is Jaan and the reporter must remain male.