Iphigenia in Dreaming by Cassandra Marcus Davey


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Iphigenia in Dreaming by Cassandra Marcus Davey

Tauris. The temple of Artemis. Iphigenia, displaced and freshly sacrificed, struggles to find a foothold as she shuttles between disparate times and places. Visions of her mother’s childhood, her aunt’s future, and the unraveling of her family weave through conversations with Artemis and life in Tauris. Iphigenia in Dreaming adapts the narrative of Iphigenia to reflect on family, memory, and little kinds of love.

Keywords: drama, adaptation, Greek tragedy, lesbian

Genre: Drama
Run time: 75 minutes
Content notes: Contains strong language, murder, discussion of the murder of a child, discussions of sexual assault, imagery of dead animals

Cast size: 7 - 11 actors
Male roles: 3 (minimum 1)
Female roles: 8 (minimum 6)
Casting notes:  The producer may cast at their discretion in regards to gender, race, ability.
All male roles are adults; the female roles have five younger roles and three roles well into adulthood.
This play can be performed with a larger ensemble of priestesses if so desired.
The play can be performed with as few as seven actors with the following casting:
Young Helen/young priestess
Young Klytemnestra/young priestess