Intimate Betrayal by Tom Slater


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Intimate Betrayal is a story about five friends, Jeremy, Mike, Emma, Ruth and Annie, in their senior year of high school. They have known each other since elementary school and are looking forward to spending as much time as possible together before they head off to University in the Fall. But, as fate would have it, all their hopes and dreams change in an instant when they have to deal with the fact that Jeremy is accused by Emma of raping her. They both wanted to have sex that night, there is no questions about that. So did the assault actually occur? Will their friendships survive this ordeal? These are just some of the questions both the characters and audience must answer for themselves.
A realistic, powerful and moving exploration of friendship in turmoil that doesn’t pull any punches.

Audience Age: Theatre for Teen Audiences

Suitable for School Performances: Students age 14+

Year Printed: 2011
First produced in 1998 at Fox Theatre, Guelph, ON

Running Time: 45 minutes

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 3