In Your Own Backyard by Alyssa Pothier


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In Your Own Backyard by Alyssa Pothier

"But sexual harassment – assault – whatever, that’s what he did. You’re saying I did the same thing, the same thing Weinstein did, the same thing that all those other – do you really think I’m like them?"

In the midst of the Me Too Movement, how could a marriage survive accusations of sexual harassment and assault? In Your Own Backyard explores the grey area of a topic where people want black-and-white answers. What is forgivable? What isn't? Where is the line and why is it so hard to define?

Performed as part of the New Voices Festival, Ryerson School of Performance, 2019

Keywords: Sexual harassment, Me Too Movement, feminism, Time's Up

Genre: Drama
Run time: 45 minutes
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2