In This Light by Catherine Banks


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In This Light by Catherine Banks

An adaptation of An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen.

Dr. Thomasina Burke is a well-respected medical doctor in a rural village in the Annapolis Valley in 1931. Just as her hometown is poised to reap the benefits of an important new business- a health spa that will bring people from far and wide- Dr. Burke makes a discovery that will challenge her whole community to choose sides in a battle over the very nature of truth, and the power of one person to be heard.

First produced by Two Planks and a Passion Theatre, Nova Scotia, July - August 2019

Keywords: two planks and a passion, valley, summer theatre, Ibsen, Adaptation, Catherine Banks, GG, large cast, female leads, outdoor theatre, environmental issues

Genre: Drama
Run time: 95 minutes
Male roles: 6
Female roles: 4
Musician roles: 1
Suitable for students 16+
" Catherine Banks’ play In This Light, adapted from Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People... is a vivid reminder that sometimes good theatre is infuriatingly provocative in its ability to reflect our deeply flawed society so accurately."
" This is the timeless story of a community run by a powerful cartel of men who close ranks and take advantage of a fearful citizenry to reject an uncomfortable and unprofitable truth... [Banks] dedicates the play 'to every woman with her hair on fire who is told she doesn’t understand the situation.'"
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