Illuminating Moments while fumbling along the Sacred Path of Theatre 1960 onwards by Steven Bush


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Illuminating Moments while fumbling along the Sacred Path of Theatre 1960 onwards by Steven Bush
Illuminating Moments while fumbling along the Sacred Path of Theatre 1960 onwards by Steven Bush

Featuring over 40 drawings by Richard Payne.

Steven Bush has a few stories to tell…

Stories of first love, summer stock, heady triumphs and rude awakenings on the path from the American Midwest to The Big Apple to Toronto the Good. Stories of discovering Canada in the game-changing ‘60s & ‘70s while Canada was re-visioning itself; stories of exuberant collective creations, theatre of rage and ritual, and re-visioned classics.

Stories of praise for fellow travellers who lit the way with off-the-wall brilliance, non-stop music, wonder drugs, and human folly.

Stories of grace, wisdom and sly humour gleaned from the soul-building work of a life in theatre.

Raves for Illuminating Moments:

"… thank you for writing Illuminating Moments…. reading your book is, I hesitate to say this, but what the heck, - healing. The overview that I felt via your 'moments' puts much in perspective, and perspective is easy to lose."
-- Andrew Scorer (actor, activist)

"…. especially during the 1970s and 80s … dance was my obsession and focus... Reading your memories and reflections … has created a new dimension for those times… I appreciate the wit and sometimes dark edge of the illustrations, and … I really enjoyed reading it!"
-- Carol Anderson (dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer)

"I needed to read it twice. … Its much more than moments – its a lifetime of experience and insight. Its like … a history of modern theatre. Ive kept it beside me so that I could dip into it when I wanted to."
-- Edward Bond (playwright, poet, director)

"What a treat to read. Your stories paint a picture of a time of transformation in Canadian Theatre and offer insights into the building of so many foundations. The storytelling … pulls in my imagination and my heart."
--Jani Lauzon (actor/writer/director)

"I really enjoyed reading one “moment” at a time…they feel like meditations. It’s got a charming, reflective and unpretentious attitude. I am neither of your generation nor cultural heritage nor ethnicity (though I think we share an element of displacement) — but I had no problem finding an ‘in.’"
--Jivesh Parasram (Artistic Director, Rumble Theatre/Producer, Pandemic Theatre)

"I love your book … and have given all 3 copies away already. Will get more! (We) have been … reading aloud to each other. Such a Lovely way to pass a cozy eve. We laugh and chuckle and nod our heads in agreement. :) With Love and gratitude for … your beautiful stories."
-- Katherine Duncanson (voice & yoga teacher, singer, dancer, coach)

"Part theatrical travelogue, part insightful musings on life lessons learned through 60 years of theatrical dedication, part historical time capsule, Steven Bush's Illuminating Moments takes the reader by the hand and dances them down the sacred path of theatre with a different step to a different tune on each page. … It is a must read for anyone embarking on a theatrical career, veteran performer, or those who enjoy getting a glimpse behind the curtain."
-- Kenner Ames (actor)

"The pdf is great for the content, but the actual book is a work of art!"
-- Dr. Lib Spry (writer, director, creator-performer, teacher)

"I joyously read Illuminating Moments, which is full of them. I think its a genius way of writing a memoir, you just toss memories to us, and at the end, we have witnessed a life. … Filled with so many people, often just in for a quick visit, that make our kind of lives so rich and meaningful."
-- Martin Sherman (playwright & screen writer)

"I found it full (honesty in advertising) of illuminating moments. I was really pleased to see your accurate account of Tracy Wright's acting, your various tributes to George (Luscombe)... but especially the "no tech rehearsal" bit … I learned a lot from the book, and I enjoyed reading it immensely."
-- Ric Knowles (writer, scholar, dramaturg)

"… lovely illustrations by Richard Payne - so nice … your format reminded me of the late Uruguayan writer and journalist, Eduardo Galeano. Short, meaningful bursts, concise in their insight and not belaboured by excessive prose."
-- Robin Breon (theatre critic, playwright, activist)

"It's wonderful! … and it's great to have a bundle of your thoughts, strategies and lessons-learned regarding teaching actors. Like you, I bemoan what's happened with cell phone addiction as I struggle all the time with my own students' ability to just look up and around themselves sometimes. Well done!"
-- Ron Kelly (educator, actor)

"A gentle, intelligent, thoughtful and heart warming read. …I was engaged and curious throughout."
-- Sallie Lyons (dancer/choreographer/movement educator)

"Ever since I picked up [Illuminating Moments] I have had difficulty putting it down. … Your book is full of delights … and quiet smiles interspersed with guffaws. You have captured the spirit of an age, my friend. Many young people in our profession will read your words with surprise, horror and joy."
-- Tony Pearce (teacher, director)

"… what you write about Euripides … is so comprehensive and accurate that I dont think anything else could be added to it. Years ago I realised that Euripides is the foundation of modern theatre. I've never read that so well expressed as in what you say about him."
-- Edward Bond (playwright, poet, director)