I'll Miss You a Little by Micaela Robertson


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I'll Miss You a Little by Micaela Robertson

Two potential playmates meet in a ballet class. They dance around the idea of friendship until eventually, they fall for each other in the way that kids do; completely and naively. The two girls thrive together, a real team, until the 2009 economic recession changes their lives, and their friendship, forever. Living in a more rural region, P1 feels the effects of the economic collapse more drastically than P2. Hedge stores open, unemployment spikes, and her parents begin to worry. They worry that once their children are of age, they’ll move away and leave them alone in a town that’s been abandoned by any sense of hope. P1’s parents proactively move their family across the ocean. Though the girls solemnly swear to stay Best Friends, the connection between them is pulled taut by distance and by growing up in spaces radically different. And so the story goes; two playmates meet in a ballet class, they have a fourteen-year friendship, they fall out of touch. 'I’ll Miss You a Little' explores losing a first friend like losing a first love.

Produced at the Paprika Festival 2016, Toronto ON

Genre: Drama

Run time: 40 minutes
Female roles: 2
Suitable for students 14+