I'll Miss Me When I'm Gone by Robert J. Wheeler


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I'll Miss Me When I'm Gone by Robert J. Wheeler

In "I'll Miss Me When I'm Gone," Martin tells wife Cheryl he will donate his organs after his death as he wants to avoid death by cremation. Norm, Martin's business partner dies, then, through a misunderstanding, Norm's ashes are interred into a cement urn instead of being spread at Peggy's Cove. Martin and Cheryl encounter Norm's clueless, dizzy widow, Donna, at Norm’s funeral where Donna picks up her sleazy boyfriend, Sammy. Martin and Cheryl enjoy belittling stupid people, Donna being no exception. However, after Donna’s dies due to an accident at the spreading, the couple reassess their judgmental perceptions of her and decide to make amends by fabricating a different past for Donna’s recently arrived twin sister, Debra. The sisters were separated at birth and Debra has just tracked. The ashes spreading does not go as planned. This is a redemption story similar to the movie “Ground Hog Day,” where the protagonist, in this case, protagonists, in a humorous way, transition from extremely cynical to extremely helpful.

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy
Acts: 2
Run time: 100 minutes
Content note: This play promotes organ donation.

Cast size: 7 actors
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 1
Other roles: 1
Casting note: Doubling will work with this play.