Ice: Beyond Cool by John Lazarus


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Ice: beyond cool is a dynamic dance-and-theatre extravaganza, which explores the world of today's teenagers and the pressures on them, through the story of 15-year-old Sara, her friends and family, and her efforts to make sense of her world. Fast-paced, funny, dramatic, and full of explosive energy, Ice has been a hit with both teens and their parents.

Year Printed: 2000
First Produced: In 1997 in the Atrium of Pacific Centre Mall, Vancouver, B.C.

Written With: Judith Marcuse. Based on the work of 250 high school students, John Lazarus, Judith Marcuse, David Diamond, and Jane Heyman. Music by Grae.

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 7
Female Cast: 8
Total Cast: 15