Honour Among Thieves: A Monstrous Comedy by Elliott Hayes


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Honour Among Thieves: A Monstrous Comedy by Elliott Hayes

A powerful, dangerous one act play, featuring two women that finishes with a surprising ending. In redefining what a monster truly is, this play delves into our darker side, making us laugh in the process with engaging dialogue and dark humor. It is a deceptively low key comedy thriller.

Keywords: 2 women, dark humor, comedy thriller

First Produced by Solar Stage, Toronto ON, 1997,
Also produced by Gabriola Players, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, 2023

Genre: Comedy Thriller
Acts: 1
Run time: 45 minutes

Cast size: 2 actors
Female roles: 2

Variety Review 1997 “ Honour Among Thieves” Premiere at Solar Stage

“It's not a long play, nor a particularly ambitious one, but "Honour Among Thieves" is yet another poignant reminder of the kind of playwright Elliott Hayes might have been, had his life not been tragically cut short in a car accident a few years ago. Despite his success on the big stage with the comedy "Homeward Bound* and a lofty appointment as the Stratford Festival's dramaturge, Hayes kept a close connection with the small, feisty theater called Solar Stage…

A deceptively low-key comedy-thriller, the two-character "Honour" begins with two women stranded on a highway and ends with a human drama of immense proportion. In the course of 45 minutes the women are turned inside out, from friends to bitter enemies, from innocent bystanders to active participants in a prison break.

Along the way Hayes throws in much dark and perverse humor: "If you're going to go trick-or-treating on Halloween," says one character, "then you shouldn't be surprised if the odd lunatic takes you seriously…"Honour Among Thieves" is a finely detailed curtain-raiser able to stand on its own merit.”