Home by Colleen Wagner

Scirocco Drama

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Two families, four languages, one house. "Home" puts its characters into a unique and challenging conflict across language and history and asks difficult questions about the illusion of ownership and the definition of "home". "Home" is the story of an aging man, Tooman, exiled from his homeland, who through repatriation efforts, can now return and reclaim his home and property. However, fifty-five years have passed and the home has been inhabited by three woman, who, caught in the shifting tides of a new world of globalization, find themselves threatened with expulsion when Toomas and his son, Wendall, return to reclaim the land and house. The women who have lived in this adopted country and in this house for so long, feel suddenly rootless. "Home" explores our deep connection to home, not just as place, but memory and language, our sense of identity.
Year Printed: 2014