Hammer and Chisel by Soykan Karayol


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Hammer and Chisel by Soykan Karayol

Lefet meets Rayet in a room where they are tasked with chipping rocks. They question the system put in place which demands their labour and gives back little in return. We see familial expectation, confusion with rules and regulations, as well as differing opinions on the necessity of the rocks for the function of their society. Lefet’s resistance to the exploitative work, and the unfairness of their situation begins to infect Rayet, who is far more accepting of their duties. Lefet eventually leads Rayet on to a hidden bridge to a new life promising a better future. They invite the audience to do the same.

Genre: Political
Run time: 40-60 minutes
Content note: Contains some swearing

Cast size: 2
Casting note: The characters can be played by people of any race, ethnicity, age, religion, and gender.