Half-Cracked: The Legend of Sissy Mary by Mary-Colin Chisholm

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Half-Cracked: The Legend of Sissy Mary by Mary-Colin Chisholm

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Sisters Sissy and Yewina have been on their own for who knows how long exactly. Itís just them (and their hens) in a weathered farmhouse miles from town. Their rural, woodsy East Coast community has been losing residents for years, but the almost-forgotten stories have lived on for the sisters in different ways. While Yewina is more guarded and level-headed, dreamer Sissy has a flair for twisting fact with fantasy. When Scott, a folklorist from Scottsdale, Arizona, shows up at their door in hopes of chronicling whispers, he's in for much more of a story than he expected. This unique and quirky ode to folklore storytelling and to small lives lived large illuminates how living our own truths can make us legends.

Cast size: 3 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 120 minutes

“Magical, laugh-out-loud . . . a marvel of storytelling.”
- NS Reviews

“Mary-Colin Chisholm’s loving and honest script is sure to delight rural Nova Scotians and city slickers alike.”
- Lara Lewis, The Coast