GuineaPigging by Catherine Frid


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After Chris’s fiancé Wayne discovers that Chris has cancelled the layaway plan for her engagement ring and spent the money gambling, he decides they’ll stage a robbery to get the money back.

Chris flees from Wayne to IdealBio, a drug-testing facility, where she signs up to test an anti-gambling drug. She meets and is attracted to Analisa, another drug-testing guinea pig.

The five study subjects are dosed with either the experimental drug or a placebo. Chris starts to feel cured of her gambling addiction, while other subjects develop obsessive compulsive behaviours. Analisa reveals to Chris that she’s a trans-woman. Chris is furious, but when the study manager taunts Analisa, Chris comes to her rescue.

One guinea pig discovers that the study manager is skewing the study results, and the study is cancelled. Chris shares their own gender identity questioning with Analisa, crediting the test drug for this newfound insight. Chris is then is shocked to find that unlike Analisa, Chris was given the placebo drug.

With Analisa’s help, Chris convinces fiancé Wayne to accept Chris's identity and independence.

Keywords: drug testing, gambling, human guinea pigs, placebo drugs, obsessive compulsive disorder, transgender
Year Printed: 2017
First Produced: Alumnae Theatre, April 2011
Running TIme: 95 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 4