Grandioso by Bill Zaget


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Grandioso by Bill Zaget

Hungary, 1914. Viktor Torlak, a world-famous orchestra conductor, is arthritic. Shandor, a doctor of Roma (“gypsy”) origin, transplants the hands of a Balkan anarchist onto Viktor in exchange for the orchestra fronting a terrorist organization. The doctor manipulates Viktor and his family (and even the terrorist organisation) to his own ends. He has a keen insight into all their wants and needs and uses it to his advantage. Viktor and his family become increasingly broken as members of government are assassinated wherever his orchestra tours.

Tragi-comedy, opera, and family dysfunction interweave in a Faustian tale of passion, art and death.

Year Printed: 2018

Acts: 3

Running Time: 120 minutes

Female Cast: 3

Male Cast: 6

Double Cast: 1

Keywords: Opera, music, Hungary, Roma, gypsy, Black Hand, anarchist, Mephistopheles, Faust, symphony, conductor, Balkans, World War One, WW1, assassination, homosexual