Good To The Very Last Droplet by Robert J. Wheeler


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Good To The Very Last Droplet by Robert J. Wheeler

It’s a hundred years into the future, when Alberta’s oil sand reserve has become an overwhelming financial boon to Canadians. After all other countries have pumped their oil wells dry, Canada has the last of the world’s oil in its sand. Add an older, red-neck Newfoundlander prime minister, Sylvia, and her young male sub prime minister, Alfred, and laughter flows faster than oil. However, it isn’t a colossal benefit to the Country due one significant challenge -- The International Democratic Imperative Oil Treaty also known as IDIOT. IDIOT limits Canada’s oil distribution to every nation. Can Sylvia and Alfred stand up to more powerful nations who are desperate for more than their fare share of oil? Can Canada resist foreign pressure and uphold the treaty?

Keywords: natural resources, Canada, Alberta

Good To The Very Last Droplet was produced at the London One Act Festival in 2015.

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 10 minutes

Cast size: 2 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 1
Casting notes: Prime Minister needs to be between 60-75. The Sub Prime Minister needs to be around 20.