The Good Bride by Rosemary Rowe


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Every night from 3pm to midnight, 15 year old Quiverfull Christian Maranatha Graham puts on her wedding dress and hopes that today will be the day her 28 year old groom Pete comes to claim her. Daddy, the paster, sent her to the Pullmans’ house to wait until God tells him it’s time for her marriage. Maranatha is so excited to submit to Pete's godly leadership in marriage and fill his quiver with arrows for Christ. But as her pre-wedding wait wears on and on, Maranatha has an increasingly difficult time ignoring Satan's constant whispering. Is she making an idol of her nightly Chick-Fil-A shake? If she has "hot shivers" for someone other than her fiance, is that adultery? And what should she do about this card from her estranged mother, who abandoned the family seven years ago?

A one woman show inspired by a true story, The Good Bride is about a girl on the brink of womanhood in an oppressive culture, who starts to think for herself – and ultimately has to decide whether to stay or leave.

Keywords: solo, woman, comedy, religion, faith, coming-of-age

Year Printed: 2016
First produced in 2016 at Northern Light Theatre, Edmonton, AB.

Running TIme: 90 minutes

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 0

Female Cast: 1

Casting Notes: This is a one woman show and the character of Maranatha is 15 years old. In the original production, the actor was Caucasian but the role could be played by any woman of suitable age.