Godhead by Michaela Jeffery


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A backwoods televangelist. A bull rider. A secret exorcism.

"This explosively powerful new work marries the wild charisma of the iconic West with the visceral allure of contemporary fanatical evangelism in snake churches of the deep South."

Hoyt has a demon. At least, he believes so – needs Reverend Vaughn to believe so. There’s something dark and slippery in him that makes him wild, furious – makes him drink too much and pull the branches off trees, scream, wreck things. On the worst nights it follows him home.

That’s why he’s here, really: Liz. Liz. Bold and resilient Liz has one foot out the door. But this time it’s going to be different. Liz is pregnant – a new beginning. Hoyt is desperate. He needs to see to his demon – needs Vaughn – which is why he’s come.

Of course, you can’t really know what’s in a person.

Keywords: Alberta, rodeo, rural, addiction, bull-rider, preacher, exorcism, televangelist, faith healer, dark, cowboy, small town, possession, prairie, dark, sin, damnation, redemption, guilt, confession, alcoholism, ghost, penance, salvation, farm, isolation, snake handling, domestic violence.

Year Printed: 2017

First Produced: The Sunset Theatre (Wells, BC) - July & August 2015

Running TIme: 50 minutes
Acts: 1