Go for Gold, Audrey Pham by Camille Pavlenko


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Go for Gold, Audrey Pham by Camille Pavlenko

It’s 1988. Perms are in, Tab is out, and Calgary hosts the winter Olympics. Audrey Pham represents Canada in the ultimate glam sport of Ski Ballet. Unfortunately for Audrey, the athlete’s village was not built large enough to accommodate everyone and she is billeted at the hands of a generous, sport-loving soul: Birchwoman; the notorious wicked witch of West Kensington. Can Audrey keep up her rigorous training schedule while having to navigate the hoarders-esque paradise of “BIRCHWOMAN’S: fine hippie emporium and curiosity shop” on her once in a lifetime quest for the Gold?

Keywords: Comedy, female, olympics, sport, physical, 1980s, Calgary, Vietnamese, Dutch, ski, ski ballet, winter sports, Winter Olympics, historical fiction.

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 60 minutes
Female roles: 2
Suitable for students 16+