The Ginkgo Tree by Lee MacDougall


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It's a typical sunny June morning at Anything Grows: a quirky plant store in the small town of Greenville. Florence the clerk has locked herself out - again; the owner's daughter Marcie can't wait to get back to school; her brother Eb arrives late and is blamed for everything; their father Hayward would rather be putting things through his new chipper; two elderly customers, Ehrhart and Pearl are awaiting the delivery of a ginkgo tree and a bag of ladybugs; and Rose Deterra, the Italian matriarch and owner is trying desperately to make it appear that everything is running like clock-work. A surprise visit by Joseph Gage, a driven loans officer from the head office of the local bank, reveals all kinds of secrets, including this touching, hilarious, and magical love story. What is Florence trying to hide? What did happen to Ehrhart's ginkgo? Will Rose put Hay through the chipper? Is there a Rainbow Trout? Were Florence and Joe waltzing? A romantic comedy with elements of farce, The Ginkgo Tree is a delightful, life-affirming, heart-warming, slightly twisted look at the salvation of gardening and the power of love.

Year Printed: 2011
First Produced: 2001 at Vancouver Arts Club, Vancouver, BC
Running TIme: 105 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 4