Forgiven/Forgotten by Johnny Wideman


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Forgiven/Forgotten by Johnny Wideman

A stranger in need, a community in turmoil, an offender in their midst.

When a family finds out that an offender will be serving his parole in their community, they are forced to choose between closing their doors or reaching out to those in need.

Forgiven/Forgotten is a fast paced, heart-wrenching drama that examines how our culture responds to those affected by crime.

Keywords: Restorative Justice, Prison, Offender, Crime, Sentence, Community, Justice, Canada, Church, Faith, Christian,

Year Printed: 2014
First Produced: 2013 at Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts, Kitchener, ON.

Running Time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 2

Doubled roles: 1

Musician roles: 3

This play also has an original score that can be acquired at no additional cost.