Forever Young by Margaret Martinello Magner, Ph.D.


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PGC stage-ready script

Katharine Cromby -- who has created the wildly successful “Forever Young” anti-aging skin care products and supplements designed to enhance life and extend vitality – has just launched a revolutionary longevity clinic with the potential to promote eternal life. She is meeting with her two daughters, Callie and Rebecca, who have just undergone clinical tests at her request. All appears well until revelations indicate Katharine is facing the challenge of her lifetime and needs her family’s help. Strained relations with her daughters jeopardize their response to her appeal. How far will Katharine go to ensure her ambitious dreams survive?

Keywords: anti-aging, jeopardy, longevity, mothers, daughters, death, betrayal, forever, genetic, genes, DNA, ambition, murder, survival

Year Printed: 2017
First Produced: Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Running TIme: 35 minutes
Acts: 1
Female Cast: 3