For Both Resting and Breeding by Adam Meisner

Scirocco Drama

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For Both Resting and Breeding by Adam Meisner

It is 2150 in M-City, a society without gender where everyone uses the pronoun ish. When two historians discover an abandoned millennium-era house, they hatch a plan to turn the building into a museum that re-enacts life in the year 2000. The historians gather a group of locals, including a student, an engineer, and a community elder, to restore the building and animate the site for local visitors. Together, the volunteers explore the fashion, furnishing, and family roles of their millennial forebears, all through the lens of binary gender roles. But the project turns risky when one of the historians and the youngest volunteer start to explore illegal sexual acts in secret. When the others discover what they’ve been up to, they must decide if the project can go ahead or if it threatens to upend the values of their society.

“An endlessly fascinating play about the future and the past…[Meisner has] a compelling imagination and a smart facility with language that in turn gets us to think about our world and the future he has created.” — The Passionate Playgoer

Cast size: 5 actors
Female roles: 2
Male roles: 3