Fishing Buddies by Geoff Hewitson & Chuck Vollmar


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Fishing Buddies by Geoff Hewitson & Chuck Vollmar

The screeching sound of tires, the crashing of metal, and painful cries in the dark set the tone in the dramatic opening moments of Fishing Buddies.,

The lights go up to reveal broken car parts — and two battered and bleeding men on the stage.
Fishing Buddies is the story of a horrendous accident on a Northern Ontario highway in which two strangers become injured and trapped in a deep ravine. Immediately confrontational and suspicious of one other, the two men fight with each other while depending on one another for survival. As their personal stories unfold, they soon discover that fate may have brought them together on that abandoned stretch of highway — and their destinies may be more entwined then they first thought.
Fishing Buddies is a story about male bonding!

Produced by Showplace Performance Centre, Peterborough Theatre Guild & Domino Theatre (Kingston), 2012-2014

Keywords: Struggle, survival, trust, friendship
Genre: Drama
Run time: 53 minutes
Acts: 1
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 1