The Fish Eyes Trilogy (contains Boys With Cars, Fish Eyes, and Let Me Borrow That Top) by Anita Majumdar

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The Fish Eyes Trilogy cover

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Boys With Cars follows Naz, also a classically trained Indian dancer, who dreams of getting out of small town Port Moody to attend the University of British Columbia. But when Buddy causes a stir over Naz at school, Naz’s university plans begin to crumble quickly.

Fish Eyes is about a BC teenager named Meena, short for Meenakshi, which means "fish eyes" or at least that's how Meena first introduces herself in this coming-of-age story about an accomplished classically trained Indian dancer who is convinced her dance life is the reason she doesn't fit in at school. While Meena dreams of coupling with high school jock, Buddy, in elaborate Bollywood song-and-dance numbers, her dreams are shattered when she discovers Buddy is in love with Candice. And worse yet, Meena is forced to perform in a school assembly dance with Candice in front of their entire school. With the sometimes gentle, sometimes an unwelcomed encouragement of her dance teacher, Kalyania Aunty, Meena sets out on a quest to conquer her first unrequited hearbreak and emerge triumphant.

Let Me Borrow That Top centres on Candice, a girl who appropriates Meena’s Indian dance skills and bullies Naz after a nasty rumour spreads through the halls of their high school. But like her two enemies, Candice shares a passion for Indian dancing, and has just been accepted to the Conventry School of Bhangra. Will she leave behind the comforts of home to pursue her dreams?

Year Printed: 2016
Acts: 3
Female Cast: 1