Firebird by Rose Scollard


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Firebird by Rose Scollard

When Koshchei the Deathless abducts Firebird to satisfy the whim of Princess Irenka the Principality of Zhar is laid waste and Irenka is turned into a wolf. Guided by Baba Yaga, Irenka and Prince Ivan set out to free Firebird and restore Zhar to its former glory. Obstacles are placed in the way of this goal by the Magician Koshchei and his two-headed cyborg dragon Rimsky Dimsky. But Irenka and Ivan prevail at last and the play ends in celebration and marriage.

Keywords: Firebird, fairy tale, Baba Yaga, environment, true love

Running Time: 60 minutes

Male Cast: 5

Female Cast: 2

Suitable for Schools: Students age 14+

Maximum Number of Roles: 7