Extra/Beautiful/U by Michaela Di Cesare


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Extra/Beautiful/U by Michaela Di Cesare

Louise has Down Syndrome and seeks more autonomy, especially when it comes to her boyfriend Ahmed. Louise's sister Lara found fame through a reality dating show and that generated a large Instagram following. When Lara has a car accident that disfigures her beautiful face, she moves back home to live with Louise and their single Mom. Dr. Sam Gagliardi, a prodigy in the craniofacial surgery realm, offers to give Lara her face back as part of a clinical trial for a reconstructive procedure. It is a risk, but Lara decides to take it. What is beauty? Do we ever experience beauty in truth or is beauty the ultimate self-deception? This is a play for the Instagram generation and for Reality TV lovers, haters and hate-to-lovers

Winner of the 2017 Pam Dunn award via Infinitheatre

Keywords: instagram, Down Syndrome, surgery, medicine, reality TV, beauty, feminism
Genre: Drama
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Female roles: 5