Exposure by John Lazarus


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Paris in the spring! Legendary architect and set designer Louis Daguerre has come up with an invention that may - or may not - change the world - but he can't get the funding to develop it further. Young actor and model "Anonyme" is about to throw himself into the Seine because he can't get work. And Mme. Brillante, former music-hall hypnotist, mind-reader and fortune-teller, now reduced to shining shoes on a corner of the Boulevard du Temple, must find a way to save Daguerre's invention and save Anonyme's life - for her own destiny is intertwined with theirs in mysterious and unexpected ways. A bittersweet comedy about art, science, love and other good things.

Year Printed: 2016
First Produced: In 2015 by Undershaft & Lazarus Productions at the Robert Gill Theatre, Toronto Fringe Festival, Toronto, ON.

Running Time: 55 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 1
Other Cast: 1
Total Cast: 4
Other Cast:1 offstage voice