Except in the Unlikely Event of War by Sean Devine


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A summit of minds in a secret military base. A radio broadcast from the brink of arctic war. A group of actors under government muzzle. This darkly comic, distinctly Canadian work is a probing exploration of art, politics, war, and the messy areas where they become indistinguishable. Except in the Unlikely Event of War inter-weaves three stories: a loose adaptation of the 1960's terrifying best-seller "Report From Iron Mountain", a startling analysis of the necessity of war; a glimpse into Canada's near future set in an Arctic landscape on the brink of global war; a hilarious peek into the world of a theatre company working under tremendous authoritarian pressure.

Year Printed: 2014
First produced in 2013 at Pi Theatre and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre, Vancouver, BC.

Running Time: 105 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 7
Female Cast: 6