Every Little Nookie by Sunny Drake


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Every Little Nookie by Sunny Drake

When a suburban boomer couple return home to find their queer millennial daughter, Annabel, hosting a swingers’ party to make cash, they’re forced to question the state of their marriage. Annabel, in turn, must ponder her own future when she adds a new relationship to her chosen family of polyamorous and platonic roommates. In this high-spirited sex romp, it’s not just the earth that moves, as shifting paradigms encourage new possibilities, both personal and political.

We're in a period of remarkable change: from dealing with the pandemic to housing crises to wealth inequality to climate chaos. What would it take for us to work together on these enormous challenges? EVERY LITTLE NOOKIE starts this epic question in the home, using a hilarious, scandalous and subversive romp to examine one of our most cherished sites of individualism: relationships.

Keywords: Inter-generational, housing crisis, real estate, monogamy, polyamory, marriage, sex, farce, romp, socialism, capitalism, boomer, millennial, queer, family, nuclear family, non-binary, comedy

Produced at the Stratford Festival, Stratford ON, 2022
Winner of national comedy award (PGC's Tom Hendry Awards) 2021: The Chris Tolley & Dharini Woollcombe Comedy Award

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 110 minutes
Content note: Contains sexually explicit content and optional nudity (can be staged without nudity if preferred).

Cast size: 8 actors
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 4
Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming roles: 1
Casting breakdown:
ANNABEL: 33. Chinese Canadian. She/her.
MARGARET: 72. White Canadian. She/her. Annabel’s mother (transnational adoption).
KENNETH: 74. White Canadian. He/him. Annabel’s father (transnational adoption).
GRACE: 33. Black Caribbean Canadian. She/her. Annabel’s partner.
SMASH: 28. Any ethnicity (ideally Black, Indigenous or POC). They/them. Grace’s
lover, Annabel’s chosen family.
CRYSTAL: 29. Several ethnicities are an option. She/her. Annabel and Grace’s
housemate/ chosen family.
MATT: 34. Several ethnicities are an option (ideally POC). He/him. Annabel’s new
PHOENIX: 69. White Canadian. He/him.



“Critic’s Pick”- The Globe and Mail

“Delightful and hilarious romp” – London Free Press

“Will appeal to multiple generations” – Buffalo Rising

“With Drake’s comedic and emotional sensibilities, and witzel’s gifted direction, Every Little Nookie is a season highlight” – Stratford Beacon Press

“Sunny Drake has masterfully created a socially significant work filled with ever-present and audience-appreciated wit and new age charm.” – StratfordToday.ca

“A very strong sense that everyone who walks into that theatre is welcome and celebrated… An electricity in the room.” – Broadway World

“Humour and heart” – Broadway World

“Very funny… very real and relatable struggles.” – Broadway World

“Concealing gloriously subversive ideas in a romp of a sex farce is clever, using words themselves as an allegory is breathtakingly sublime.” – Drew Rowsome

“Naughty, hilarious and poignant” - Our Theatre Voice