Ermyntrude by Thomas J. Cahill


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Ermyntrude by Thomas J. Cahill

A farce in three acts, adapted from "The Perfect Woman", by Wallace Geoffrey and Basil Mitchell.

The play is set in a lavish suite at a Toronto hotel. Professor Belmon is hiring two Newfoundlanders, Skeeter and Eli to test out the robot he has created. Belmon's niece, Joan, plays a trick on them by posing as the robot. Very funny scenes follow where the two Newfoundlanders actually think Joan is the robot. Throughout, there is interaction among the Maitre d' hotel, the waiter, Priscilla (whose daughter was suppose to marry Sheeter) and the robot. Skeeter ends up falling in love with Joan. As the play ends, Ermyntrude is given a wrong command and freaks out.

Keywords: brain wave, voice texture, dummy, gyroscope, electronic, robot, Toronto, Newfoundland

Genre: Comedy, Adaptation

Male cast: 6
Females cast: 3
Doubled roles: 1
Run time: 120 minutes
Suitable for students aged 16+