EMILY by Talia Pura


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PGC stage-ready script

Emily Lindin was eleven years old when she was labeled the school "slut"; having gone through puberty earlier than her classmates, she was the target of sexual bullying and what is often called "slut" shaming. To deal with her situation, she kept a diary, detailing what was happening to her every day, and including many conversations she had with classmates and boyfriends. Nearly two decades later, she founded The UnSlut Project and published her diary as a book (Zest, 2015). Now, that diary is a play. Poignant and raw, it is relatable to anyone who is, or has ever been, a child just trying to fit in. Suitable for youth or adult actors, it holds up a mirror to the double standard society imposes on girls and women as they discover and explore their sexuality. The play transcends today's world of technology and online communication, demonstrating how sexual bullying has been entrenched in our culture since back when bullying only happened face-to-face. The result is a performance experience that is engaging and enlightening.

Year Printed: 2016
Running TIme: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 9
Female Cast: 10