Elsewhere by Joy Ross-Jones & Cristina Cugliandro


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Elsewhere by Joy Ross-Jones & Cristina Cugliandro

Elsewhere is the story of one family – their hope, resilience, resistance and survival- amidst the chaos and absurdity of the Venezuelan crisis.

All seek a way to move forward, grasping at remnants of a life they once knew; a life irrevocably changed by scarcity, greed and corruption. The play points at the fragility of systems we put our trust in, while asking us to consider why a crisis is never a crisis when it is Elsewhere.

In Elsewhere, a Grandmother reflects on her past, a Beauty Queen wonders how to feed her children, a Cop questions the violence around him, a Homeless Man begs God for food, a Teenager risks his life to join the fight for freedom, and a Venezuelan-Canadian woman looks on from afar, struggling with what is happening in a country she calls home.

Keywords: Venezuela, Latin America, Political, Crisis, Mask, One-person show, Spanish, Humour

Produced by Odd Stumble, in association with Imago Theatre, Montreal QC, January 2019, and at the Montreal Fringe, 2017.

Genre: Drama
Acts: 1
Run time: 60 minutes
Suitable for students 14+
Content note:  In the original production, one actor performed all 6 characters, however creators could chose to use six actors instead and have someone under 18 perform the character of the 15 year old, "Guerrero."
In the original production, there was no stage combat as one actor performed all roles. However, if the choice is made to use multiple actors, the final scene with the "Guerrero" could be performed using stage combat.

Cast size: 1-6 actors
Casting note:  Elsewhere was first conceived as a one-person mask show, with characters speaking in both Spanish and English. The script reflects these choices. Companies and creators choosing to stage the text should feel free to abandon these original choices if they do not suit their visions. For example, Elsewhere could easily be played by a cast of six without masks, and all in English. All characters can be performed by individuals of any gender.

“A sight to behold ... illustrates the impact of political problems on individuals.”
— Montreal Rampage

"The characters are each brought to life by Ross-Jones with the high degree of energy and enthusiasm consistent with Greek mask work." - Tara McGowan-Ross, Broadway World

"Playwrights like Ross-Jones are challenging privilege through their art by questioning ideas about who is allowed to speak, both in the governmental system of Venezuela and in a settler-colonial Western context." - Amy Lloyd, The McGill Daily