Echoes from Far Away Cities by Amir N. Hosseini


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Echoes from Far Away Cities by Amir N. Hosseini

Set in Iran, documentary filmmaker Sanam sets out to capture a story of extreme domestic violence through an objective lens but finds herself becoming unsettled by familiar and escalating echoes in her own relationship. Both women, cities and lives apart, are bound by veiled and insidious acts of control from the men they married.

Keywords: impunity, silence, stigma, shame, domestic violence

Produced at the Presentation House Theatre, Vancouver BC, 2022

Genre: Drama
Run time: 80 minutes
Content note: Please note that the topic is sensitive and might be disturbing for some viewers, and this show is suitable for ages 17 and older.

Cast size: 5 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 3
Casting note: Characters range in ages between 35 - 40. The story is set in Iran, and all characters are Iranian.