Dried Flowers by Maryjane Cruise


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Dried Flowers by Maryjane Cruise

DRIED FLOWERS follows the compelling story of three women, each one at a critical turning point in her life...Lil, 49, is unemployed, lonely and still seeking the approval of her mother while....Vi, who is about to turn 60, is torn between caring for a husband afflicted with Alzheimer’s and her desire to find fulfillment outside the confines of her home....and Iris, 40, must decide whether her marriage is worth saving. None of the women anticipate how the lives of the others will impact or transform her own.

Formerly titled Looking for Kitty.

1998 First place winner: Theatre British Columbia One Act Playwriting Competition
1998 First Place winner in the 59th Canadian One Act Playwriting Competition

First Produced: First produced in 1999, Solar Stage, Toronto, ON
Running Time: 50 minutes
Acts: 1

Suitable for students 16+

Female Cast: 1 - 3

Casting note: This is a play for one actor playing three women. It can also be performed by 3 actors