Double Trouble by David S. Craig based on the novel by Erich Kastner, Composer Marc Schubring


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Double Trouble is an adaptation of the classic Eric Kastner novel , Lottie and Lisa. Kastner is one of Germany’s most beloved children’s novelists. The story was turned into two successful Walt Disney movies called The Parent Trap(one in the nineteen sixties and the Lindsey Lohan version in 2001). 

Double Trouble is a story of reunion and reconciliation. It features two very different girls (11ish). One is outgoing, social and dramatic (Lisa) and the other is quiet, studious, introverted and shy (Lottie). The play begins as they arrive at summer camp and discover they have identical appearances. They both find this threatening for different reasons. Lisa is furious. She wants to be an actress and having someone steal her face is unacceptable. Their conflict leads to the discovery that they are sisters, separated at birth by their very young parents. They are thrilled. Not only to discover each other but to discover a link to the parent they never had. But, they are afraid to tell their parents that they have discovered the truth because they are afraid they might be kept apart. So they hatch a daring plan. They adopt each other’s identity and trade places so each girl can meet the parent they never had and, ideally, reunite them so they can live together forever. This forces Lisa to be quiet and act like a math whiz and Lottie to be vivacious and act like an actress. Fun. But also moving because it is about a family being re-united. But the stress of pretending to be someone else and discovering that her father is in love with another woman aggravates Lottie’s asthma and she becomes very ill. The mother and Lisa rush to her bedside, disguises are dropped and the two sisters confront their startled parents with their deepest wish – to live together. The resolution is more nuanced than the movies. The parents do not re-marry. Everyone on the creative team, and the Kastner Estate, realize that would be farfetched in a modern context and potentially hurtful to children of divorced parents (of which there are many). But the parents do promise, after they apologize for creating the situation in the first place, that they will make changes to make a more open, honest relationship so that the sisters can be more together. Much more. They don’t get everything they want but what they get is perfect. 

The play has five original songs with three reprises (i.e. 8 musical numbers). The music is by the award winning German composer, Marc Schubring. 

The play calls for 12 roles performed by 7 actors – 6 female and 1 male.

The piano score is included with the text.

Anyone interested can learn more about the play and listen to vocal tracks by going to:

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Year Printed: 2016
First Produced: 2016 by Imagination Stage, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Written With: Marc Schubring - Composer
Running Time: 80 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 6
Other Cast: 12
NOTES: Backing tracks are available for an additional charge from the arranger Nico Gaik at: