Dogtown: the Musical by Roy Ness and Composed by Grant Simpson


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Dogtown: the Musical by Roy Ness and Composed by Grant Simpson

“Dogtown: the Musical” is based on the true story of Trevor the dog, whose plight divided the community and got international attention. The action follows Trevor from his neglectful, abusive owner, his rescue by Sara, the only one who truly understands him, his rehab at the Mae B. Shur animal shelter, his arrest, his time on death row, his triumph in Yukon Supreme Court, to his tragic end. The play explores the line between people and animals while taking a satirical look at the human/dog relationship.

Year Printed: 2017

First Produced: June, 2016 as part of Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Acts: 2

Running Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Cast:  Many roles allow for doubling and tripling of parts. The only necessarily male roles are the Wolf, Darrell Fogg, the obsessive dog catcher and Snake, the original owner. Exclusive female roles are Sara, Marnie, the director of the animal shelter and Jingles, a bitch. The Ravens can be male or female and play either gender. The original production was performed using ten actors and five musicians but the touring version can be done with eight actors and two to five musicians.

Composer: Grant Simpson