Divine Wrecks by Chloe Whitehorn


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Divine Wrecks by Chloe Whitehorn

There are many different types of love: first love, true love, obsessive love, and that other type of love. A high school god falls for the wrong girl. His teacher. ​ A modern take on a classic story, this dark tale of heart break and revelations explores the nature of love without boundaries.

Keywords: Oedipus, tragedy, love, Greek chorus, high school, teacher, incest

Produced at Alumnae Theatre, Toronto ON, FireWorks Festival November 2015 & Alumnae Theatre, Toronto ON, Big Ideas Staged Reading May 2014

Genre: Drama, Adaptation, Tragedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Content notes: Contains scene depicting withdrawn consent, references to incest

Cast size: 6 actors
Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming roles: 2

Chloë Whitehorn’s script transcribes brilliance in its ability to foreshadow heartbreak’s nadir, using subtle gestures and subtext that only become more apparent as the narrative progresses, to come full circle at the end and trigger hindsight... Divine Wrecks treats one of the greatest taboos with utmost respect.
-- Milica Marković (Theatre Reader)

Divine Wrecks is a heartbreaking and powerful tale of forbidden love – erotic, wickedly funny and engaging.
-- Cathy McKim (Life With More Cowbell)

One of the Top Ten shows of 2015
-- Cathy McKim

An older version of the script is available in Divine Wrecks and Other Morally Questionable Things anthology.