Dissolve by Meghan Gardiner


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Dissolve by Meghan Gardiner

We meet 'Anygirl' on a Saturday night. She begins the process of getting ready to take the night by storm. Hair, makeup, wardrobe. The works. Intercut with these movement sequences are all the characters she encounters throughout her evening, and a night that was supposed to be one she'd never forget, turns into one she'll never remember. 

Dissolve has been performed over 900 times in high schools, colleges, universities and theatres across North America. Meghan has performed at conferences for both the American Alliance for Theatre in Education, and the Toronto Police Service's International Conference on Sex Crimes. Meghan has received various awards, citations and nominations for her dedication to raising awareness on sexual assault through her work with Dissolve.

Keywords: Sexual, Assault, Abuse, Crime, Drugs, Drugging

Running Time: 40 minutes

Female Cast: 1

Suitable for School Productions: students 12+